Green County MGA

Green County Master Gardeners Association, Wisconsin

Clean Air and Houseplants


Clean Air and Houseplants  The winter season may find you spending a greater share of your time indoors and with that, the potential for greater exposure to indoor pollutants. Indoor pollution has become more common as a result of improvements in home insulation and energy conservation. Building materials and household furnishings made of synthetic fabrics […]

Hardwood Trees and Shrub Sale


Hardwood trees for planting this spring 2015 Green County Land & Water Conservation Department is offering 10 varieties of trees,  and 2 varieties of shrubs, for landowners interested in planting trees next spring 2015. The tree varieties are: Bur Oak, Red Oak, White Oak, and Tamarack, Sugar Maple, Sycamore, Butternut, Shagbark Hickory, White Pine, and […]

The Wisconsin Hop Craze


The Wisconsin Hop Craze by MGV Ann Marie Ott For a short decade, between 1860 and 1870, growing and drying hops became a major industry in southern Wisconsin, particularly in Sauk County. Crop failures in New York State, most likely resulting from aphid and mold damage, prompted the interest in cultivating hops.  Returning Civil War […]

Sources for Seeds & Gardening Accessories


  Submitted by Ann Marie Ott, MG If you planted seeds early and they didn’t germinate or haven’t gotten into the planting mood given the cool weather, you may find yourself needing to purchase seeds.  This list certainly does not represent all possible sources for obtaining seed via mail or online orders.  Also, the Green […]

My Truce with Dandelions


Submitted by MGV Becky Wegmueller – Dandelions-Everywhere! They poked umbrella like through the narrow cracks in my brick sidewalk. Using a sharp old steak knife, I stabbed and tugged, stabbed and tugged, the long tap root resisting, mocking. I spent a whole 96-degree morning, arguing with these arrogant, defiant, intrusive, weeds. When asked, “What is […]