Green County MGA

Green County Master Gardeners Association, Wisconsin

Wild Cucumber


In late summer, you may notice trees or shrubs covered with crowns of white flowers that are not part of the woody plant blooming. Look closely and you’ll notice the leaves and individual flowers look just like that of cucumber–this is wild cucumber. Wild cucumber is a vining annual in the cucumber or gourd family […]

Cannas- A Touch of Tropical


Cannas can add a touch of tropical to any garden with wide, green or variegated leaves and bright flowers in multiple shades of red, pink, orange and yellow. Canna is the only genus in the family of Cannaceae which can be propagated from seed, but most often are grown from rhizomes.  While those in southern climates can […]

Bird of Paradise


Master Gardener, Betty Grotophorst, has a green thumb when it comes to growing the “Bird of Paradise”.  The iconic, stereotypical flower of the tropics, isn’t really a tropical plant at all, however, it has a very exotic bloom that looks great! The Bird of Paradise has a distinctive orange and midnight blue flower that resembles […]

Sources for Seeds & Gardening Accessories


  Submitted by Ann Marie Ott, MG If you planted seeds early and they didn’t germinate or haven’t gotten into the planting mood given the cool weather, you may find yourself needing to purchase seeds.  This list certainly does not represent all possible sources for obtaining seed via mail or online orders.  Also, the Green […]

Potato Varieties for Wisconsin Gardens


Potato Varieties for Wisconsin Gardens by MGV Ann Marie Ott Folklore and family tradition may find you planning for potato planting on St. Patrick’s Day or Good Friday.  Given our recent winter weather and deep frost line, you won’t have an opportunity to plant on St. Patrick’s Day, but mid-April dates may hold promise, if […]