Green County MGA

Green County Master Gardeners Association, Wisconsin

Orchid Care


Orchid Care by MGV Ann Marie Ott With winter apparently continuing without end, you may be tempted to bring a bit of the tropics into your home by purchasing an orchid.  An easy to maintain variety is Phalaenopsis, also called the moth orchid because of the shape of its flowers.   Choose a specimen that […]

Tropical Hibiscus


Since Mother Nature refuses to provide us with a peek at Spring, we’ll take a wishful look at growing tropical hibiscus.   Picture glossy green leaved shrubs, trimmed to five or six feet high, forming a privacy screen around a red brick patio.  Sprinkled among the leaves are beautiful large blooms in shades of bright […]

The Language of Flowers


As Valentine’s Day nears, you may be planning to select a floral arrangement or card to send to a loved one.  Consider the language of flowers when making your selections!  Floriography, the technical term for the meaning of flowers, was coined in the Victorian era and became especially popular during this period when communication of […]

Poinsettia & Christmas Cactus Care, After the Holidays


Florists and other retail outlets may now be offering poinsettia and Christmas cactus plants at greatly reduced prices.  Neighbors and friends may be discarding the plants, if wilted or blooms have naturally dropped from the Christmas cactus. If you are tempted by the availability of these plants, both poinsettias and Christmas cactus can be maintained […]

Forcing Paperwhite Narcissus Bulbs


Bring spring into your home to beat the winter blues! Bring a glimpse of spring to your home by forcing paperwhite narcissus bulbs! The beautiful white blooms set above spring green leaves have a distinctive fragrance so consider whether family members or visitors to your home have sensitivity or potential allergic reactions to perfumes before […]