Prepared by Kris Winkler, Green County Master Gardener

Many of us enjoy having houseplants in our homes and plants make wonderful gifts to give. Perhaps you received one recently as a gift. Hopefully the plant was wrapped well and not exposed to cold outdoor weather very long. The plant should have plant care information with it for you to follow. Please keep in mind the new plant may go through a bit of shock as it may have just left a green house that has a much higher humidity and temperature than our homes in the winter. For the first few weeks it may require a bit more watering and possibly even giving it a mist of water plants will help it recover. Houseplants are beneficial to us, they recycle carbon dioxide into oxygen, and some plants also help cleanse the air and add some humidity. Also having a plant can even give some emotional and mental benefits. Read the Houseplant Care Tips article for all the tips given and keep planting!