The Project

The purpose and need of this project was to improve safety and enhance mobility. This was accomplished by reconfiguring the intersection geometries and roadways to improve sight distance and correct roadway superelevation at the SR 0222 at SR 3012 and SR 0222 at SR 0863 and SR 3012 at SR 0863 intersections.

RK&K team members designed the preliminary layouts, completed field visits, prepared existing conditions measurements for the multiple intersection alternatives, and also designed pavement marking plans, traffic control plans, and phasing for temporary signal plans during construction. The preferred alternative selected from the alternatives analysis involved replacing the existing SR 0222 (Hamilton Boulevard) and SR 0863 (Independent Road) intersection with a roundabout.

The severely skewed intersection at SR 0222 and Schantz Road (SR 3012) was eliminated, forcing all of the left turns further east to the location of the existing SR 0222 and SR 0863 intersection. At that intersection, a four-leg hybrid roundabout was built with two SR 0222 legs, Farmington Road (SR 3011), and Schantz Road (SR 3012) comprising the four legs of the roundabout. SR 0863 was realigned to intersect Schantz Road (SR 3012) as a three-legged T-intersection, near the existing SR 0863 and Schantz Road (SR 3012) intersection.

The roundabout and geometric upgrades increased roadway capacity in the corridor and improved safety by providing adequate intersection and stopping sight distances and reducing conflict points.

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