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Submitted by Ann Marie Ott, MG
If you planted seeds early and they didn’t germinate or haven’t gotten into the planting mood given the cool weather, you may find yourself needing to purchase seeds.  This list certainly does not represent all possible sources for obtaining seed via mail or online orders.  Also, the Green County Master Gardener Association does not endorse or formally recommend any companies on this limited list.  Choosing a seed catalog/web order company is a personal choice based on preferences and needs.  To secure input from others and identify other seed sources, consider reviews posted on Dave’s Garden Watchdog at:

Seed Savers Exchange and Yearbook (Decorah, IA)This organization is a non-profit dedicated to preserving and sharing heirloom seeds.  Buy seeds or become a member and share seeds or obtain them from others across the USA and in foreign countries.


Pine Tree Garden Seeds and Accessories (Gloucester, ME)
A family owned and operated business since 1979, Pinetree Garden Seeds was founded with the simple mission of offering low prices on quality seeds to the home gardener. Over the years offerings have expanded to include over 1300 varieties of seeds, including many heirlooms, a huge assortment of tools and gardening gear, books, live plants, and soap making/crafting supplies.

Burpee – (Philadephia, PA)
The Burpee company was founded in Philadelphia in 1876 by an 18 year-old with a passion for plants and animals and a mother willing to lend him $1000 dollars of “seed money” to get started in business.  The company is now owned by George Ball, Jr.  All seeds sold under the Burpee name are never chemically treated, making them well-suited for sustainable gardens.  None of Burpee’s seed varieties are genetically modified.

John Scheepers Kitchen Garden Seeds (Bantam, CT)
Beautiful drawings of vegetables and flowers by a professional artist fill this catalog and are displayed throughout the company’s webpages.

Johnny’s Selected Seeds (Winslow, ME)
Johnny’s Selected Seeds is a 100% employee owned company that carries a variety of vegetable seeds; medicinal and culinary herb seeds; flower seeds; cover crops, farm seed and pastured mixes as well as many gardening supplies.

Jung’s Seed – (Randolph, WI)
This Wisconsin base company has expanded in recent years and is now affiliated with the following additional seed/garden catalog companies: Totally Tomatoes, Roots and Rhizomes, Vermont Bean Seed Company, Edmund’s Roses, McClure and Zimmerman, Seymour’s Selected Seeds and RH Schumway Seeds.