Green County MGA

Green County Master Gardeners Association, Wisconsin

Bird of Paradise


Master Gardener, Betty Grotophorst, has a green thumb when it comes to growing the “Bird of Paradise”.  The iconic, stereotypical flower of the tropics, isn’t really a tropical plant at all, however, it has a very exotic bloom that looks great! The Bird of Paradise has a distinctive orange and midnight blue flower that resembles […]

Hemerocallis – Daylily


Nina talks about a garden favorite, the Daylily. Read the basics of this wonderful plant including short historical information, growing habits and needed growing conditions.

Symposium Report – Flowers, Chickens and Bugs, Oh My!


The day was rainy and cold outside but inside the Peppercorn Banquet Hall in Monroe, gardeners from Green County and the surrounding area were dreaming about warm breezes, sunshine and luscious, productive, green gardens. On Saturday, March 9th the South Central Wisconsin Master Gardeners hosted 85 green thumbs to learn about Flowers, Chickens and Bugs, […]