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Bird of Paradise


Master Gardener, Betty Grotophorst, has a green thumb when it comes to growing the “Bird of Paradise”.  The iconic, stereotypical flower of the tropics, isn’t really a tropical plant at all, however, it has a very exotic bloom that looks great! The Bird of Paradise has a distinctive orange and midnight blue flower that resembles […]

Definitions Applying To Seeds


Definitions Applying To Seeds by Mary Nelson, Master Gardener Pelleted seed – Pelleting improves the shape, size, and uniformity or raw seeds for more accurate sowing by hand and precision-sowing by machine. The pellets are made of inert materials which dissolve as they absorb moisture, allowing immediate access to oxygen for fast, uniform seedling emergence. Pellets […]

Plant Propagation References


Plant Propagation References  by MGV Ann Marie Ott While the wait for warmer weather continues and a chance to get outdoors to prepare your outdoor garden spaces is delayed, you may want to visit the public library and select some books to increase your knowledge about plant propagation.  Here’s a summary of two volumes that […]

Orchid Care


Orchid Care by MGV Ann Marie Ott With winter apparently continuing without end, you may be tempted to bring a bit of the tropics into your home by purchasing an orchid.  An easy to maintain variety is Phalaenopsis, also called the moth orchid because of the shape of its flowers.   Choose a specimen that […]

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