Green County MGA

Green County Master Gardeners Association, Wisconsin

Got Seeds?


Got Seeds? by MGV Ann Marie Ott How can one resist the bright, big and beautiful blooms displayed in the seed catalogues? Each year, I succumb to temptation and order the seeds for the giant pumpkins, tomatoes for every purpose and family member’s preference, along with at least five new bean varieties.  And each spring, […]

Definitions Applying To Seeds


Definitions Applying To Seeds by Mary Nelson, Master Gardener Pelleted seed – Pelleting improves the shape, size, and uniformity or raw seeds for more accurate sowing by hand and precision-sowing by machine. The pellets are made of inert materials which dissolve as they absorb moisture, allowing immediate access to oxygen for fast, uniform seedling emergence. Pellets […]

Selecting Seeds


Selecting Seeds, by MGV Ann Marie Ott As you peruse garden catalogs and seed packets in the stores, you will notice a number of seed terms that are important to consider as you make selections for your garden. Each type of seed presents potential benefits for the home gardener and plant attributes to consider, prior […]