Response Time

Robert Palmer

The Project

RK&K provided emergency engineering services for Prince George’s County, MD for a slope failure initiated from an extreme rain event resulting in the slope moving laterally causing a graben or ditch to form behind 6 residential homes that was approximately 550-ft in length and ranged in width from 20 to 60-ft and 6-ft deep.

In support of the emergency action, RK&K performed geotechnical investigations and monitoring, natural resources and geomorphic assessments, drainage and stream restoration engineering, document preparation to aid the County with FEMA and MEMA applications for grant funds to demolish the affected houses and permitting services.

Prince George's County

“Prince George’s County was extremely appreciative of our fast response to this emergency. Our geotechnical and drainage staff were on-site within the hour providing expert advice on the cause and potential safety issues.”

Robert Palmer, Manager

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