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Adaptation Strategies Recommended
Water Resources Engineer:

Dori Shivers

The Project

RK&K compiled existing research on future Sea Level Rise (SLR) and recommended relative SLR projections and storm surge elevations to be used in the vulnerability assessment.

Using more than 50 GIS datasets, RK&K prepared mapping of three SLR and coastal flooding scenarios, identified vulnerable areas, and determined impacts to 35 resources, ranging from public safety resources, such as, emergency service facilities and evacuation routes; to public, private and commercial infrastructure.

Approximately 100 short-, medium-, and long-term adaptation strategies were recommended, including strategies to build adaptive capacity within the County to make informed decisions in planning, developing and implementing projects.

Queen Anne's County
Services Provided

“This was one of my favorite projects to work on because I grew up in Queen Anne’s County and I knew a lot of the locations that I was mapping for the vulnerability assessment. I even got to see the sea level rise impacts to the house I grew up in!”

Dori Shivers, Water Resources Engineer

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