Acres of Riparian Wetlands Created

The Project

This project was initiated to address County TMDL needs by restoring 4,300 feet of stream and 10 stormwater outfalls in a concrete-lined channel. The design incorporates an integrated stream and wetland floodplain approach, stormwater outfall stabilizations, groundwater barriers, soil amendments with biochar; and 2D hydrodynamic modeling using TUFLOW to assess vulnerabilities and determine design modifications.

Unique to the design is the removal of 1,000 ft and burial of 2,000 ft of concrete to save construction cost, and the creation of 6 acres of riparian wetlands. RK&K also provided field run survey, easement acquisition, TMDL credit computations, natural resources inventories, wetland/waterway permits, and construction oversight.

Furnace Creek Stream Restoration Proposed Conditions 2D Model

Anne Arundel County, MD Watershed Protection & Restoration Program

“We're fortunate to have a technically savvy client that is like-minded on design, and innovative in tackling challenging restoration sites.”

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