Historic Properties Evaluated
Acres of Archaeological Survey

The Project

As part of our state-wide cultural resources services contract with MDOT SHA, RK&K is assisting with the Section 106 consultation, excavation of over 280 acres of archaeological survey, and evaluation of over 300 historic properties. In addition, we created a historic context on the history of suburbanization until 1980 which assisted in the National Register of Historic Places property evaluations and will be applied to future cultural resource studies across the state.

As the project concludes, we are drafting a Programmatic Agreement that includes stipulations for additional archaeological studies as well as detailing the mitigation measures to resolve any adverse effects to NRHP eligible or listed historic properties.

“We rose to the challenge of working on this high-profile project with hundreds of historic architectural resources and a tight deadline, as we evaluated suburban buildings as young as those from 1978.”

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