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The Project

This project is located in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park in Blount County TN.

The project consists in multiple work schedules/contract options for work that includes full depth reclamation of the Foothills Parkway Section 8G and 8H mainline, parking areas, and pull-offs; establishing roadside ditches and reconditioning paved waterways; replacing signs and pavement markings; turf establishment of disturbed areas; installing traffic loop detectors; bridge maintenance repairs; removing and resetting stone curb and sidewalk; and relocating ADA accessibility ramps; replacing and repairing drainage structures; deep patch embankment repairs; replacing section of steel black timber guardrails and other miscellaneous work.

RK&K is providing three full-time CEI inspectors, who provide inspections of traffic control, environmental controls, layout, construction methods and materials, and all issues concerning the construction of the project. They also determine the acceptability of the day-to-day work performed by the contractor.

Eastern Federal Lands Highway Division

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