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Manager, Wastewater:

Robert Andryszak

The Project

The Liquids Treatment Facilities upgrades consisted of replacing the trickling filter system with an activated sludge system and increasing the capacity for 84.3 MGD peak flow. Major improvements implemented by RK&K included:

  • New influent junction box and distribution structure
  • Rehabilitation of four primary clarifiers
  • Four new step feed biological reactors with total volume of 7.5 million gallons, each convertible in the future to a plug flow five-stage Bardenpho process for nutrient removal
  • Five new magnetic bearing turbo compressors
  • Four new final clarifiers, each 160 feet in diameter with a 15-foot side water depth and distribution structure
  • New return activated sludge/waste activated sludge pumping station
  • Chlorination and post aeration facility upgrades

Major upgrades to the Solids Treatment Facilities included:

  • New primary and waste-activated sludge blend/storage tank
  • Upgrades to two existing gravity belt thickeners
  • Upgrades to three existing 0.8 million gallon anaerobic digesters (covers, mixers, heating, gas handling, etc.)
  • New digested sludge holding tank with jet pump mixing
  • Two new high solids dewatering centrifuges
  • Replaced odor control system for ammonium and hydrogen sulfide control

Other upgrades included:

  • New electrical distribution system
  • New 15-kilovolt outdoor switchgear, substations, transformers, switchboards, panel boards, and standby diesel emergency generators with paralleling controls and automatic transfer switches for back-up power
  • Replacement of the existing control system with a new Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition system
  • New 10,000-square-foot administration, laboratory, and operations building
  • New 7,000-square-foot maintenance building

“It was a technically challenging project for our team and it has been very satisfying to see it go into operation.”

Robert Andryszak, Manager, Wastewater

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