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MG Volunteer Hour Requirements Waived for 2020

Please note:  This year, the Master Gardener Volunteer Hours requirements are waived.  No volunteer hours are required to to maintain  your certification due to the COVID-19.  You can still record hours in the online system and they will become a part of your lifetime totals, but will not affect certification this year.  In addition, as a Master Gardener volunteer, we are under the UW-Madison and Extension expectation requirements. That being said, the Guidelines for staff and volunteer activities will be decided upon by Extension administration) and will be forwarded when it is becomes available.”  This is per Mike Maddox.

Please note you ARE REQUIRED to complete your educational hours to maintain your certification. Ten hours must be completed by October 1st, 2020 to be in compliance. (Note- Master Gardener interns, you would already have these hours based on attendance at your Level 1 classes)

WI Horticulture Friday Zoom Updates

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Get the latest on updates from the State Association by joining the Zooms listed here.. When you enter the link in your browser, it will give you a list of Fridays when these are being hosted.  And you earn 1 Continuing Education Hour for listening in! Wisconsin Horticulture Update   Friday mornings at 9:30am Master Gardener […]

Testing Your Soil

Soil testing has been suspended and is expected to be available again sometime soon.  we will keep you up to date as we hear more availability for this as well.  We are getting calls at the office for this also. Testing Your Soil by MGV Ann Marie Ott   Before adding fertilizer to your garden shopping list, consider collecting a soil sample and sending it to the University of Wisconsin soil testing laboratory for analysis to determine your fertilizer needs.  As the University’s website indicates, many publications offer general recommendations for fertilization of lawns, plants […] Read More

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Upcoming GCMGA Events

Due to concerns about COVID-19, all events have been cancelled. We will update the site as soon as we know if events can be held safely.

Plant Sale cancelled.

No Garden Walk will be held this year. Unfortunately, this event also needed to be cancelled, however the hope is to have it next year with the gardens that were planned for this year.

Our monthly programs are cancelled for the remainder of the season.  If that would change, we will notify you immediately. We have been contacting the speakers lined up and rescheduling them for next year…  More information will follow on this as well.

GMA Volunteers Continue to Take Calls

Continue to take calls and answer horticulture questions that may be presented. We are not permitted to ‘go to” a location to view a problem, but you can have them email a picture, give you details over the phone, etc. to help them with results.